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TR Electronic

TR electronic

TR Electronic have manufactured high quality leading edge innovative sensing solutions for over 25 years.


TR Electronic manufacture precise, reliable and cost-efficient rotary encoders and linear encoders.
TR Electronic rotary encoders and  linear encoders are used worldwide in many industries including paper, printing and packaging industries, labelling, food manufacture and processing, logistics, metalworking, woodworking, CNC machining, plastic processing, event technology and renewable energies.

TR Electronic Absolute Encoder.jpg

TR Electronic Programmable Encoders are available as shaft encoders, hollow shaft encoders and blind hollow shaft encoders, Available from stock including the

IEV582-00001 (58mm Clamp flange with 10mm shaft) and the IEV582-00003 (58mm Servo flange with 6mm shaft)

Connector adaptors available & made to order.

Ideal for emergency break down situations.

TR Electronic Absolute Encoder.jpg

TR Electronic optical absolute rotary encoders are available as shaft encoders, hollow shaft encoders and blind hollow shaft encoders, including the CEV58M, CEV582M,CE65M, CEV65M, CMV58, CMV582, CMS58, CMS582, CEH58M, 

CDV58, CDV75 and CDV115 ranges.

Outputs include Gray/Binary Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI), Parallel, Analogue, Sin/Cos, Profibus,

PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, CANopen, Interbus,

DeviceNet, Sercos, Powerlink and IO-Link.

Incremental CDS58 Encoder.png

TR Electronic optical incremental rotary encoders are available as shaft encoders, hollow shaft encoders and blind hollow shaft encoders, including the IE58, IH58, IH76, IH120, IEV582, IES582, IEH582, IOV582, IS99 and IV99 REO flange ranges.

A range of resolutions are available up to 65,536 pulses per revolution (PPR) in both fixed and programmable models.

Outputs include TTL 5v RS422 or HTL Push Pull Drivers with

Quadrature A, B, Marker and Compliments Outputs.

Linear encoder 1.jpg

TR Electronic linear encoders acquire linear movements in machines, tools and installations according to your specific requirements with different technologies.

Linear technologies include Magnetostriction,

Glass scale transformation, Laser Distance Measurements, Barcode positioning systems and Wire Actuated, Draw Wire, Stringpot and Cable Pull Encoders.

TR Electronic Draw wire.jpg

TR Electronic Wire Actuated Encoders are available as complete units or as only the cable mechanism.

A range of different Wire Actuators, Stringpots, Cable Pull and Wire Draw encoders and units are available.

TR Electronic Heavy Duty Encoders


TR Electronic Absolute and Incremental Heavy Duty encoders are available in extremely robust housings,

made of aluminium or stainless steel,

and are equipped with heating or cooling if required.

Depending on the application the housings are even explosion-proof in accordance with ATEX, as well as salt and acid resistant.

TR Electronic Laser Distance Measurement

LE200 454x368.jpg

TR Electronic Laser Distance Measuring Systems are powerful optical sensors, which enable contactless measurement of long distances but fast enough for closed loop control. The measuring system comprises a laser light source, light collector, electronic evaluation and data interface as well as a reflector.

TR Electronic laser distance measuring systems enable absolute and wear-free measurement of long distances up to 240 metres, which can then be output via an SSI, field bus interface or Industrial Ethernet with a resolution up to of +/- 1mm with +/- 1mm repeatability.

PT100 programmer.jpg
CPS coupling.jpg

TR Electronic offer a range of electrical

and mechanical accessories, including programmers & programming adapters for connecting to encoders and measurement sensors.

Other accessories include Switch cabinet modules for rotary encoders, CPS shaft couplings for compensating shaft movements, and displays for showing actual values from SSI measuring systems.

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