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SensoPart Sensors, Laser Distance & Machine Vision Cameras

Authorised Distributor Partner for all SensoPart products and accessories including photoelectric sensors, fork sensors, label sensors, machine vision, distance laser measurement sensors and cables.

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SensoPart have manufactured high quality leading edge innovative sensing solutions for since 1994.
As an Approved Authorised Distributor Partner, we can offer high quality support including supplying
our own UK designed and UK manufactured displays, instrumentation, data logging and control solutions for use
with SensoPart sensors, Machine Vision Cameras and Laser Measurement Sensors.
SensoPart manufacture precise, reliable and cost-efficient sensors and machine vision cameras.
SensoPart sensors are used worldwide in many industries including paper, printing and packaging industries, labelling, food manufacture and processing, logistics, metalworking, woodworking, CNC machining, plastic processing,
event technology and renewable energies.

SensoPart Machine Vision Cameras & Systems

SensoPart covers a wide range of industrial image processing with its portfolio of vision solutions – from VISOR® plug & Play solutions for standard applications to the freely configurable Eyesight vision system for particularly complex automation tasks.
Most of the inspection tasks that are required in practice can be solved with one of our VISOR® vision sensors that are ready for use in just a few steps. With up to 50 evaluations per second, our VISOR® vision sensors are also the right choice for rapid processes.

SensoPart Smart Distance Measurement Sensors

SensoPart Distance Measurement Sensors offer fast and accurate measurement, precise positioning and detection of a wide range of materials - SensoPart distance sensors are reliable tools for many application purposes.
Possible applications include monitoring the unwinding of coils, double sheet detection or the accurate positioning of high bay stackers.

SensoPart Colour Sensors

A proven method of identifying objects is the application of coloured markings which are then analysed by a colour or contrast sensor. This also enables reliable detection of objects with changing shape and surface characteristics.
SensoPart Colour Sensors offer a wide range of
functions and interfaces.

SensoPart Contrast Sensors

Contrast sensors are mainly used for printed mark detection in very rapid processes in the print and packaging industries.
SensoPart offers precisely such "mark" sensors – with white-light LED (FT 25-W, FT 20WT series), red-light laser (FT 25-RL) or RGB diode (FT 25-RGB) options.
Typical areas of application are print mark detection in the printing industry, labelling and packaging machines, and in the food industry.

SensoPart UV Luminescence Sensors

The SensoPart UV sensor FT 50 C-UV can reliably identify what remains hidden to the human eye: it detects even the tiniest quantities of luminophores on paper or on other materials.
Low contrast or colour differences between printed marks and objects, or uneven object surfaces (e.g. rough, mottled or printed surfaces), frequently prove problematic for conventional colour and contrast sensors. The evaluation of luminescent features offers a simple and reliable alternative in these cases, or when marks are intended to be invisible on a product.
SensoPart FT55.jpg
Photoelectric sensors are standard in automation technology. A suitable sensor is available for virtually every application, with a comprehensive choice of different sensor sizes, operating ranges and switching versions. Possible areas of application include placement inspection, pin inspection and the reliable detection of transparent objects.

SensoPart Fibre Optic Sensors

SensoPart's fibre optic sensors and systems are the ideal solution when installation and operating conditions are cramped, hot and dirty. Sensors are protected in a control cabinet or at safe distance whilst the fibre optic heads are fitted in close proximity to the objects. Possible areas of application include presence detection in rotary transfer machines, the detection of small electronic components or the level measurement of liquids.

SensoPart Fork and Label Sensors

SensoPart Fork sensors and optical windows display characteristic properties as a result of their special housing design: thanks to their precise beam guidance they are particularly suitable for small part detection. The sensors are also easy to mount because no timeconsuming adjustment is required.
The fork sensors of the FGL-IK and FGL-RK series detect parts from a diameter of 0.2 mm.They are used, for example, for small part detection on conveyor sections and chutes or for counting bulk goods on vibration conveyors.

SensoPart Reflectors, Cables and Accessories

SensoPart offer a range of both electrical
and mechanical accessories.
Accessories include reflectors, cables, lenses, light rings,
sensors brackets/mountings and panel PCs
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