Bespoke & Custom Large Displays

A vital part of many Measurement, Control, or Production Display Systems is a clear and readable user display.

 We can provide bespoke solutions for a wide and varied range of applications.


Whether your requirements are small, like simply needing a low cost display to read from a PLC or indicator to

large, multiline, data, information, OEE, KPI , Productivity, Production Management, Production Monitoring,

Andon or data logging displays, we aim to provide a solution for you.

We can provide bespoke display solutions for:

'Days since last accident' Displays

'Welcome to....' Displays

'Time until next Tour' Displays

Temperature, Pressure, Humidity

Time and Clock Displays

Digital Signature Displays

Lap Counter and Lap Timer Displays

Weight, Speed, Rate, Total, Counter, Batch Counter, Shift, Quantity Displays

Angular Measurement Displays in degrees, degrees.degrees or degrees:minutes:seconds

Remote Web Based Information and Advertisement Displays

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